A Adventure map for Divinity Original Sin 2


Raanaar Factory is an Adventure map made for Divinity Orignal Sin 2. For this project i wanted to explore making Coop centric level design. I also wanted to learn and show capabilities within a new engine and more importantly a new scripting language. This is still a in-development project, as I unfortunately didn't have time to finish for my portfolio launch. 

Quick Facts:

  • Production time: 3 Weeks - Halftime
  • Made in the Divinity Engine
  • Mod for Divinity Original Sin 2
  • Learned New Scripting Language "Osiris"
  • Emphasis on Coop design and gameplay

Learning to Script in a new Language

One of my main goals going into this project, was to learn and show profficiency in a new engine. As such i had to learn how to Script within the Divinity Engine. I mainly focused on "Story" Scripting, which is the language assosiated with Level Scripts and Events, in the language "Osiris". While it took a bit to get into the flow of the syntax, i got quite a bit hang on it as the project went on.

To make the world more alive, i used a bunch of simple scripting functions to move an animate different objects through Osiris.

Here's an example how my Co-Op magic Wall puzzle was achieved. I dynamically destroy, re-add and move the walls around, to make it appear as if they are being Activated and Deactivated

This is how the "Animation" above looks inside Osiris. 

Designing Around Coop

One way i enforced the coop aspect of the level, was to create a puzzle that required cooperation and communcation between both players. In this puzzle on player has to switch power between different gates, to allow another player to move around on the floor. Both players has to communicate to each other, inorder for the player on the ground to get through the puzzle and to open a door for the other player.

Enforcing Assymetrical Gameplay

Another way i tried to get a coop feel was to enforce assymetrical strengths and weaknesses on the two player characters. While this is abit anti-thetical to Divinity Original 2 the base game, as the game is built around character customization, it allowed me to better fine tune the experience. An example of this, it the Mage Character, whose main affinity is Lightning Spells. Early enemies where tweaked to be lightning immune, forcing the mage to use weaker spells, while the Warrior character gets to feel strong and usefull. I later subverted that dynamic by letting the players ally one of these lightning immune guardians. And suddenly will this powerfull ally not only help them in fight, but the mage can use their lightning abilities to keep it alive longer by healing it. Giving the mage an unexpected power moment