A Enviromental art piece made in Unity


Neon Street, is an enviromental piece made in unity. During this project i wanted to experiment with composition, and deepen my understanding of enviromental art. I also made an Hologram Shader as i wanted to learn more about shaders.

Quick Facts:

  • Production time: 2 Weeks - Halftime
  • Made in the Unity Engine
  • Emphasis on Composition.
  • Custom Holgram Shader made in Shaderforge

Hologram Shader

I had this vision of a futuristic cyperpunk christmas, where even the christmas tree for be artificial neon holograms. So that is what i set out to create. 

I looked at different game and movie reference of Holograms, and wrote down what i found important in the look and feel of a hologram. I then did my best to recreate a good looking hologram using ShaderForge. A node-based shader editor like the Unreal Material Editor

Originally i wanted the tree to be activated doing the scene. So i made the shader so that it could be "projected" into action in realtime.

A picture of the full shader, as seen inside the ShaderForge editor

An early composition blockoout, before i figured out i wanted to make the scene outside

Exploring Composition

One of the goals of this small project was to experiement with and deepen my understanding of composition. I tried different perspectives and rooms, before i settled on the street corner. To my suprisal i found it way harder to design the enviroment when there was no player or gameplay to ground the design in. 


The importance of colors

Another mistake i made doing the early stages of this project. Was to neglect thinking about colors and how they relate to composition. Again i was used to think of colors in relation to player orientation only. Like color coding enemies or interactables. 

When the propping reached a late beta stage, i realised that the colors where off, and first then began to color correct and setup which color schemes i wanted the level to have. I experiemented with a few setups before i ended up picking the purple and green scheme scheme. As i wanted the holgram christmas tree to have identifiable christmas colors (Green) and also stand out in the rest of the enviroment. 

Neon ScreenShot.JPG