In this top down adevnture game, play as Tim the inadequate magician, on his quest to optain the legendary book of class change. This game was produced over 8 weeks half-time by a team of 10.


  • Level Layout and Design
  • Map implementation and propping through "Tiled"
  • Gameplay Balance and mechanical design.
  • Main Level Designer on Level Two "The Attic"



The main gameplay inspiration for this game is Titan Souls. The player can throw his wand out at enemies, and then either choose to recall it back to him, or teleport to it. When the wand is being recalled it gives more damage and heals the player when it hits enemies.

The Levels was designed with a emphasis on creating cohesive enviroments, that felt like they could exist in the real world. This was achieved by designing the levels so they would loop into them selves, using different progression gates. The map layout also took insipiration from real world castle layouts.

Thoughts and Reflections

I think we managed to create a really satisfying core loop. Shooting behind the enemies, lining them up, then recalling the wand through all of them, ended up being really satisfying. Even though it in and off itself wasn't very challenging nor deep. We also played into this by placing enemies in such a way that it was easy to line them up. 

The game also featured a itemization mechanic, allowing the player to find and equip different wands. I think we handled that feature poorly, most of the wands just had slight variations in speed, which meant that the choice felt negletable at best. The more distinct wands, Like wands with really estreemly slow recall speed, while distinct, strayed too far away from the enjoyable core loop. Our level design also never really played into this mechanic either, as the placement of pits and terrain, overly punished most of the more unique wands. 



Group Acomplishments

The dynamic between me and my Level Design patner Patrik Nilsson worked really well in this project. While we both were engaged in the entire project. We ended up dividing our main focus, so that i mostly focused on the techincal part of the game, and worked closely with the programmers to ensure the different gameplay implementations where the best we could. Whilst Patrik took care of the visual and artistic vision, working closely with the art team, ensuring that the visual side felt holistic. This dynamic was a nice inclusion and removed alot of miscommunication and streamlined alot of workflow.

Group Obstacles

One of the major obstacles the group faced in this project, was a personal one. I suffered a temporary hand injury midway through the project, rendering my right hand unusable throughouth the remainder of that project. Which was significantly bad due to the mouse labor-intensive work in the "Tiled" editor. The group as a whole dealt with this quite well, we ended up down-scoping the last level, from a fully fledged level to a small hub-based design, which meant that we got way more millage out of the main room, as the player kept moving through it. Furthermore the programmers shifted focus to allow one of them time to sit with me towards the end of the program, and literally act out my right hand, and help build the level. Which not only relieved me of alot of pain, but sped up the poccess significantly.



Team : "Group Seven" 

Level Design

  • Patrik Nilsson

  • Joshua Christiansen


  • Nina Sas

  • Oscar Blom

  • Anton Peterson


  • Oscar Ohrn

  • Bjorn Stenlund

  • Axel Eamnuelsson

  • Gabriels Eriksson Cic

  • Christian De Orleans