OTher Projects




This is an original boardgame that was developed during my time at Vallekilde Folk-Highschool and after. In After Hours Ratlab you build the maze around the competing mice, so that you'r mice will win. The game was never published as the project was put on hold as a result of me entering The Game Assembly. The project was picthed and showed to several publishers. We prototyped the boardgame ourselves, using latercutters and 3D printers, and the project went through over 5 different iterations. Each with it's own prototype.

Partner and Teammember: Tobias Elung Stenderup

Production Time: 5 months on and off - September 2016 and forward.

A showing an early prototype we had with us to the Exile Game Jam 2015.


All the content related to the newest prototype

A closeup of the board in action


Boardgame consulting and localisation

Did consulting work on the boardgame "Politisk Ukorrekt" a norvegian variant of the popular boardgame "Cards Against Humanity". Our job was to take a large sample of suggested cards, and iterate them down to a smaller more sizeable amount. We had to localize the cards so that Norwegian references and humour would be localized into their Danish counterparts. Lastly we also looked out and checked for various spelling issues. A lot of the iteration proccess came from playtesting the game on freinds and family.

Hired by: Spillbræ

Our Employer: Asger Harding Granrud

Partner and Teammember: Tobias Elung Stenderup

Production Time: 1 month - June 2016


The published game box


Some of the cards in the final version



For the 150 year celebration of Vallekilde Folk-highschool. We built at playfull construction game. The goal of the game was to throw down beer and soda-cans from the top of the staircase, in an attempt to hit as many of the silver wood plates as possibles. At the buttom of the staircase there was a big recycling container. The game was hooked up to a scoreboard made in Unity using Makey-Makeys and Microphones to register different forms of input. Our goal was to create a fun game to encourage recycling at school grounds.

Made at: Vallekilde Folk Higschool

Partner and Teammember: Tobias Elung Stenderup

Digital Scorescreen art by: Nina Sas

Production Time: 2 weeks - November 2015




In Gouble Trouble all players have to keep moving and fight to stay alive on a everychanging level. Each player posseses the power to launch knockbacking grenades and magical projectiles that swaps the caster and recipient.

Engine: UNITY

Anton Pilmark
Hussein Taher

Production Time: 48 Hours - Nordic Game Jam 2017